Weekend Update

March 10, 2014
Spring is such a funny time of year; the weather goes from polar extremes in less than a day which dictates your plain on a moment to moment basis. Friday afternoon was sunny and warm but a crazy snow-rain storm came roaring in causing our plans with our nieces to fizzle away. 

Saturday was a bit soggy in the morning as things dried out so we shuffled plans around and ran some errands before a fun pre-birthday dinner for my dear friend lindy. Luckily the cool weather did not interfere with dinner and drinks at pinche tacos or our trip to dairy queen on the way home. Rocco was especially happy we stopped for a sweet treat as we also picked him up a pup cup (a very small serving of ice cream) which he took down like a champ.

Sunday we hit 70 degrees in denver which lead to lots of time outside playing catch with rocco, a patio lunch and as much time as possible soaking in vitamin d because... we live in colorado and the weather is already forecasting snow on wednesday. The weekend did however wrap up with dinner at ryan's grandparents followed by sipping nespresso through 4 episodes of breaking bad. Not too shabby!

Did you have a weather-centric weekend too? I think I can speak for everyone who is ready for spring to really 'set in' only so we can get out of the bitter-cold winter that has swept over everything the past few months.


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