Backyard in Bloom

April 19, 2014
Every morning rocco goes outside to chase after the squirrels (you can read more about his friends here) and I often follow him out to watch him in his element. This morning was no exception but what truly caught my attention was the color changes popping up all over the backyard. There are buds on almost every shrub, sweet little white flowers sprinkled through the ground cover and our big tree is in full bloom with delicate pale pink flowers every where you look. I ran back inside to grab my camera to snap a couple quick photos and just had to share them. 

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the brown and tan turning into shades of green with hints of color. Rocco even made it into a couple of the photos as he loves to smell all of the plants in his big back yard (well, in all reality, he pees on all of the plants). I know in only a couple more weeks, our grass will be a pristine green blanket stretching from fence to fence along with bright flowers filling our many pots around the front + back patios. 

Spring, I am loving what you are doing to my yard! 


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