Weekend Update

April 21, 2014
Welcome back from your weekend! I had a super fun but slightly jam-packed one but it was filled with family and friends so I have no complaints. On friday night, ryan and I had dinner at the kitchen next door. The general manager, jesse, welcomed us back after reading my post to have a super delicious (and filling) meal featuring the restaurant's friday night special, lobster rolls full of huge lumps of sweet lobster and a lemon aioli. #yum

We were up with the sun on saturday morning to help my sister move into a new place. I am so excited for gina's new digs and cannot wait for long nights on her partio this summer! After we finished moving boxes and arranging furniture, we went to hops and pies for a big pizza lunch to celebrate in gina's honor. The evening was then spent celebrating a dear friends conversion to catholicism with a beautiful feté.

Sunday was of course easter and we spent the day with family and taking in the warm weather. We made up a huge spread for easter dinner, watched our nieces and nephew hunt for eggs and then watched the movie frozen. I could not have asked for a better day celebrating easter.

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