Easter Brunch

April 17, 2014
Brunch is my favorite meal of the day and easter is the perfect holiday to host a brunch for friends and family. For the past few years I have done just that; baking up a bunch of savory + sweet dishes, getting a honey baked ham (technically this is my sister's job which I am beyond grateful for), brewing big pots of coffee and setting up the bloody mary bar for all to enjoy. Over the years we have had a mix of guests join our easter brunch and it has easily become one of my favorite traditions. I love that our annual festivities always include a bit of chaos in the kitchen, playing board games and sitting in the sun on my front porch when we are stuffed to the brim. 

We are putting our easter brunch on hiatus this year but I thought I would still share some of my favorite brunch recipes in honor of this sunday's holiday. Please enjoy!

and while I am a couple days early, happy easter to all of my lovely readers! I am beyond grateful for your continued support and viewership of my little corner of the internet. THANK YOU! 


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