Eat This // Pancetta Salad

April 24, 2014
Peppery arugula leafs tossed with a honey-lemon vinaigrette is a great combination of spice, acidity and sweetness. However, if you top it with slightly salty pancetta, crisp green apples matchsticks, rich blue cheese crumbles and finally chewy dates, you are looking at a super delicious salad from hops and pie

Hops and pie, in the baker-highland's neighborhood of denver, might be known for their craft brews and artisan pizzas but do not overlook this salad on your next visit. The balance of flavors is on point and the ingredient's textural differences keeps each bite interesting and fun to eat. The pancetta, which is an italian bacon made of tender pork belly that is salt-cured with spices, is what really sets this salad apart. I loved how the crispy-on-the-outside but tender-on-the-inside pieces of pancetta add just a bit of salt to the slightly sweeter ingredients and then the acidic dressing cut the richness of the blue cheese. 

The only downside... I wish I was eating this salad right now as I typed this post out.


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