Friday Morning Coffee Dates

April 23, 2014
I am going to shoot it straight with you today... I am not a morning person. As in... I value my sleep, love lying in bed and enjoy staying in my sheets until the absolute last minute possible before I have to get up and get ready. This would be the #1 reason I cannot get into a morning gym routine and why I am rushing out the door to get to work on time (oops!).

However, my husband has a magic trick to lure me out of the comforts of my bed each friday morning that has become one of my most favorite traditions. Nearly every friday, we get up extra early and go on a coffee date together at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop, steam espresso bar. We sip our beverages and talk for the better part of an hour before heading out to our respective offices. On fridays I arrive early to work and my days are filled with energy and happiness from the get-go. Fridays are officially my favorite day of the week and I know our coffee dates play a huge factor in this.

To be perfectly honest, this tradition of sorts started years ago when ryan and I lived in our apartment together. Back then we would stop at the local starbucks but now it is always steam. I love that we have become familiar faces at our favorite place close to our home and that this tradition of ours has become our way to kick off our weekend right. 


  1. That is the perfect reason to get out of bed early. Just another reason Friday should be your favorite!!! xo

    1. Thank you so much lisa. It has definitely made a huge difference in my schedule and also being excited about getting out of bed in the morning!

      - jaime


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