Weekend Update

April 7, 2014
Welcome back from your weekend. I am seriously wishing it was still saturday and I was lounging around my house in my pjs. Instead, I am delving into my day and quickly realizing that the week ahead is going to be a busy one. But before I can even wrap my brain around the days to come, let's take a quick peak at the weekend that was.

Friday was opening day for the colorado rockies which meant chaos in the streets of lower downtown. It turned out to be a great day and the rockies won to boot! That evening we went to st. ellie for drinks and some high-end bar grub, including a super-tasty chuck burger, that paired perfectly with the company at the table.

Saturday morning kicked off with rocco getting a much needed groom, a trip to the gym and a pit-stop into home depot to get supplies for a couple of upcoming projects. After some work around the house, ryan and I had a late lunch at park burger (jeesh... 2 burgers, 2 days in a row! I must be craving iron) and a surprise chocolate milkshake for the road. It was such a relaxing day followed by dinner at home and some dvr watching.

Sunday morning ryan completed one of the bigger house projects on our list, installing a new side door to our garage. Ryan had the help of his grandpa to install the door and after a couple hours of manual work, our garage is looking 100% better than before. Oh, and game of thrones started last night after months of anticipation. We had our friend brian over for dinner + some wine to watch the season premiere. #ilovegameofthrones

Wow, what a busy weekend. How about you, what did you do?


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