1 Shirt // 4 Ways

May 31, 2014
A button down dress shirt is a wardrobe staple. This single item is a powerhouse in any woman's closet as it is so multi-functional. The key to a great button down is finding the right fit. Tailored, slim through the sleeves and just long enough to tuck-in, my non-iron sateen button down is from banana republic and one I reach for regularly when getting dressed. 

I thought I would style my button down 4 ways to show its versatility, just like I did with my great black + white dress a couple week ago. (You can view that post here). No matter what the weather, you schedule or your mood, a fabulous button down can take you anywhere.

(professional tailored pieces can still look age-appropriate when paired with fun leopard-print heels and a breezy blow-out. 
Put together but still showing your personality is my go-to office look)

(hey batter batter! An evening baseball game is all about comfort... but you don't have to give up your style. I paired my button down with simple plaid shorts, a side ponytail, slip on shoes and a baseball hat)

(I love mint and red. This outfit is casual but still a bit interesting, perfect for strolling through the farmers market. 
A big tote to corral all your fresh produce is the perfect accessory for this weekend look)

(Grab a great pair of pumps, your favorite skinny jeans and tons of gold jewelry for a night out with your besties. I added a fabulous printed jacket in case the weather cools off once the sun goes down)

How do you style your favorite button down? I would love to hear so please feel free to leave a comment!


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