Weekend Update

June 2, 2014
It was a busy weekend in my world but one filled with all the things I love most... dear friends, celebrations, family and rooco. Friday night was pretty low key with ryan on a short business trip but I took advantage and had a perfect evening with my favorite 3lb pup. We went on a beautiful sunset walk around the park and then relaxed at home watching trash tv.

Saturday I was up with the sun to get my day going. Rocco had a groom and I had some errands to run before an afternoon spent in the sun with family for a graduation party. Ryan got back into town in time to grab a late dinner at the kitchen next door. We sat at the bar and caught each other up on our day before heading home to get some much needed sleep as I was needing to get up early again on sunday.

I am going to write a special post about my sunday morning fun but as a quick teaser, it was spent with my lovely friend mary, painting faces and donating our time for a super awesome non-profit. (more details to come this week!) The weekend ended on a major high... a graduation party for petyon! We celebrated at ryan's aunt + uncle's house with tons of family and friends. The weather was perfect and between a couple victories playing corn hole, jumping on the trampoline, tons of tasty food and a pretty intense basketball game for ryan and his family, the day was just filled with happiness. I sure hope peyton felt the love from everyone there who came out to support and congratulate her on all the accomplishments she has made.


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