Graduation Time

May 23, 2014
Today my sister-in-law peyton is graduating from high school. She is closing a huge chapter in her life and yet another is opening right before her. I could not be more proud to cheer her on at her commencement ceremony today and support her as she gets ready for college in just a few months. 


Back in august I wrote this post about her kicking off her senior year of school which is crazy because that post feels like just a few weeks ago. Wow does time fly! I hope peyton created amazing high school memories to take with her forever, made a few crazy decisions, laughed so hard she cried, found her voice and a confidence that no one can shake and finally, learned a few life lessons that will help guide her though experiences in her future.

(peyton and I before her senior prom on 4/12/14)

As she flips her tassel on her cap today, all of us (her friends and family) will be there cheering her on with so much pride and happiness for all her hard work. I cannot wait to see her smiling face walk across the stage!

Congrats my girl, I love you so much.


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