Puppy Love // Beagle Freedom Project

May 28, 2014
As a dog lover and proponent of animal rights, I am against animal testing in laboratories. So, when I saw this video from, beagle freedom project, with a dozen helpless and lovable pups being let out to run free for the first time, I bawled my eyes out. The dogs had never been let out of their cages or allowed to run in the sunshine. It just breaks my heart how scared they were when people were tyring to even reach into their cages.

I just think about my dog rocco who literally looks like he is smiling every day as he runs around in our yard... chasing squirrels, playing catch and lying in the grass sunbathing. I am sad that these pups, along with so many more, have never had this basic right to run and play. 

I am so grateful that beagle freedom project is rescuing pups to give them a life they deserve in a home where they will be loved. For more information on this program or to find out how you can support this cause, click here.


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