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June 13, 2014
Summer is upon us and for the past couple of weeks, I keep gravitating to the same few items while getting dressed. For me, easy and comfortable pieces are essential, especially as the weather warms up here in denver. Add in simple gold jewelry, a pair of $5 flip flops and go enjoy the beautiful weather.

(clockwise from top left:  tee  /  denim  /  shirt  /  hat  /  studs  /  short  /  ring  /  flip flop)

My summer staples are all super affordable and available at big-box stores where sizes and colors are plentiful. My motto is to find what fits you best and stock up in multiple colors for easy mixing and matching.

What are your go-to summer pieces? 

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  1. I just want your hat. I have always loved it!
    You are always stylish, no matter when I or what I see you in :)


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