Weekend Update

June 16, 2014
Welcome back from what I hope was a very fun weekend. If it was anything like mine, it was filled with family and of course, celebrating the fathers in our lives. Between a big bbq at my in-laws', to a trip to the wild animal sanctuary and a coffee date for ryan, rocco and I at steam, my weekend was jammed pack with family + fun. 

Gina and I had a girls night at spuntino and again, it was a meal and evening for the books; great food, wonderful company and the best sauvignon blanc.

The keg kickball team I am on, was not only sunny and warm while we played yesterday afternoon, we came out with a victory!

Oh and I got to go to the cutest muffins and mimosas jewelry party at lindy's house... so many beautiful baubles and endless fun with my favorite girls.


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