June 15, 2014
Happy fathers day to all the dads out there. Having strong male role models (regardless of your age) are essential for everyone. Not only do you get to see what a great fatherly figure is like, you then learn through example, the type of man you want in your life or the type of man you want to become. 


As a kid, dads will help you learn your spelling words after school and then take you to go get 'headaches' at 7-eleven as an afternoon treat. They will walk you to school every morning and share stories that you will hold close to your heart for years to come. Dads will teach you how to drive and pretend they are not scared, even if they really are. When you graduate school, they will smile with pride... and tears in their eyes, as you walk across the stage. The day you move into your first apartment, they will show up in their scrubs and move box after box until you are all settled in. Then on your wedding day, they will hold your hand in theirs and tell you, 'you look so beautiful' right before you walk down the aisle. 

Today is a day to be grateful for the father figures in your life; their influence and example are monumental. 


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