Lindy's Baby Shower

July 9, 2014
Last week I mentioned in my weekend update that I hosted a 'lil informal baby shower for my very dear friend lindy. It was such a fun and laid-back (but brutally hot) feté in my backyard. The baby shower was a surprise for lindy, as she had no idea that our get together was anything more than a typical bookclub meet up.  To make things feel a little more 'baby shower', we set up the patio with a big tent for shade, tons of white balloons, fresh yellow + white flowers along with navy accents. Oh, and mary's recently-updated gold and navy bar cart was brought out for use and it was the perfect addition. Gina made the cutest diaper cake to act as a centerpiece too.

(clockwise from top left:  all of us ladies  //  gina and her diaper cake  /  lindy with a new baby book  /  sara + ashley + gina)

A good majority of our book club came, along with lindy's sister and sister-in-law. When lindy arrived and found out the party was in her honor, she was of course, all smiles and I think fairly surprised. I might be going out on a limb here... but when a girl tears up, I think that means the surprise was a success. 

We had tons of tasty and refreshing snacks on hand along with plenty of mimosas to enjoy between baby chit chat and tons of story telling. I have to also say, I was beyond grateful that Ryan was home to help with all the odds and ends throughout the party too... and he also snapped this great photo of all of us together. 

(lindy and I  /  some of the party details  /  mary's awesome bar cart)

I cannot begin to say how excited I am to meet lindy's baby here in a couple of weeks. If he is going to be anything like his older brother rory, then I am already in love. 

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  1. Sun a fun time! Thanks for having us all!


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