Winner Winner // East Dane

July 1, 2014
Hooray to me... that sounds bad but I just had to share some exciting news in my world. I won breakfast at toast's giveaway last week from east dane (check out here post here)! For those of you who have not previously heard of east dane, they have a great curated collection of mens fashions that are sure to make any gent look modern, fresh and approachable. I cannot wait to get ryan something really nice for the summer... maybe a weekender bag, a fabulous pair of suede loafers or an extra pair of swim shorts.

(weekender bag  /  sunglasses  /  tank  /  slip on  /  dopp kit  /  candle  /  swim short)

Thank you to danielle from breakfast at toast, I am super excited and thankful for this fun giveaway!

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  1. Dang - I'd use that weekender bag! Have fun shopping!! xo


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