Weekend Update

June 30, 2014
Wow... my 3 day weekend was a whirlwind and I am back to the office not feeling to rested at all. I guess that is summer for you; busy schedules packed full from sun up to sun down. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all because this weekend was a blast... I just need an extra cup of coffee today.

I took friday off for a little pool time, sadly the weather only held up for an hour but I was not too bummed as ryan planned a little getaway to boulder for the afternoon/evening. As we have done in previous years (you can read about here and here), we stayed at the st. julien and made our way up and down pearl street before dinner at oak at fourteenth. It was the perfect break from our regular day-to-day and could not have come at a better time.

Saturday ryan and I brunched at the kitchen before heading back to denver. We spent some time at my parents house getting some sun and catching up before heading home to get things ready for a surprise baby shower I was hosting for my bestie lindy. 

Sunday morning I was up early to finalize all the details for lindy's party. I will share more later this week but I think the party was a major success and believe it or not, we truly surprised lindy when she arrived. To wrap up our sunday evening, ryan's brother's family came over for an evening bbq. Our nieces beat the heat by playing in the sprinklers and we jammed out on the partio eating pizza and salad late into the evening. 

I hope you had a great weekend too... here is to a short week before fourth of july fun! 


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