The Worst Things To Do In A Restaurant

August 27, 2014
If you have read this blog for a while, or even just a few posts, you probably know I love food. Cooking is a passion of mine but I am also a sucker for eating out. So, when I found an article from bon appetit about the worst things to do in a restaurant, I read it immediately to see if I agreed with the writer, rochelle bilow. 

Guess, what she was pretty right on. Dining out should be an experience and there is nothing worse than someone ruining your night out. Below are a few of my favorites but make sure you check out the entire article here

The Worst Things to Do at a Restaurant: How to Ruin Your Night (and Everybody Else's) photo

1. Gaming the reservation system. Opentable makes it awfully convenient to book tables without the aggravating inconvenience of having to speak with, like, another person! However, online reservation systems can also be an enormous headache... diners constantly changing their date/time or booking a time for 4 people when they actually have 6. When the diners show up, they look like jerks. There is, however, one good way around this: pick up the phone and, you know, call the restaurant. 

6. All babies love eight course tasting menus. Are babies allowed in restaurants? Sure (unless they’re not)! But you’ll make things a lot easier on yourself—and on the restaurant—if you first consider whether your kid can handle the joint. Place a courtesy call (yup, more human contact) before rolling up with the stroller. Giving the restaurant a heads-up lets them adapt to some degree.

7. Let's close this place down. Good restaurants won’t rush you through your meal. But that doesn’t mean you should treat the dining room like your living room. By all means, linger. Just don’t wear out your welcome. Be smart, check your surroundings: If there’s a bottleneck at the host or hostess’s stand, if your server is dropping hints, or if it’s 1:30 a.m. (uh, it’s late), consider taking your party on the road.

8. Tuesdays are for schmucks. Sure, there’s a certain glamour to eating out on the weekend (and it sure makes that second cocktail easier to order). But here’s the thing: Everybody else is doing the same thing. That’s precisely why the prime night to dine out is on Monday or Tuesday: "You have the best experience, the shortest wait, and the most attention early in the week.”

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  1. Great post....PS some of the restaurants talked about are in our city :) You should come and check them out with us!



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