Weekend Update

September 8, 2014
This weekend was a vacation for my soul; a mental and physical breath-of-fresh-air and a chance to recharge my batteries in a beautiful setting with someone who knows me almost better than I know myself. I spent the weekend in steamboat, otherwise known as beth's #dreamboat. I got to spend 2 full days with my best friend, seeing her home town from a totally different perspective than I had ever experienced steamboat before.

I will share more about my trip later this week but seriously, a weekend with your best friend is priceless in my mind. The conversations, the shared tears, the understanding and appreciation for each others' situations and just being together was so so so needed for me. 

On sunday I headed back to denver just in time for some tailgating fun for the broncos home opener against the colts. I watched the game with my family and got to celebrate a broncos win too. A perfect sunday night to wrap up a stellar weekend.

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  1. LYLAS! Love this post oh so very much. I was telling my mom how there wasn't a minute that went by in silence. The time we poured into catching up and reminiscing was so precious to me! I feel like if you were here for a week longer, we would have chatted our entire way through the week. And ate our way through the week. Ha! Love you friend. Thank you SO much for coming up to my part of Colorado!


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