Hut, Hut... Hike

September 7, 2014
Tonight kicks off the regular season for my home team, the denver broncos. The streets will be flooded in orange, navy and white as we cheer on our boys who will be taking on the colts for #sundaynightfootball. I am of course pumped for another season of tailgating, followed by watching all the games with family + friends. And, to look the part, here is a roundup of my favorite broncos gear for the season.

(clockwise from top left:  tee  /  nail lacquer  /  scarf (no longer available)  /  hair ties  /  jacket  /  convertible mittens  /  sunglasses  /  beanie  /  boots)

Also, if you have not checked out her fantasy football, you are missing out. It's an awesome weekly pod-cast hosted by some of the most well-versed and football-crazed fans I know, who just happen to be women. These ladies sure do know their shit when it comes to draft picks for fantasy football, weekly stats, teams, players, coaches... I could go on. Her fantasy football was just picked up by espnw (yep, as in ESPN!!!) so if you call yourself a football fan, you better check them out.

Let's go broncos!


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