Weekend Update

September 22, 2014
What a weekend... I found out some very exciting news, spent quality time with my in-laws and also got together with mary for some girlie fun. Where do I start...

Saturday morning started with a bit of a shocking phone call... my sister called to tell me she just got engaged! I was speechless when she told me because it was not something I saw coming just-yet but I could not be happier for her and the life she is venturing into. The happiness that you can see + hear in her voice is just amazing. The remainder of my day included a trip to a local antique store (where I scored this incredible old trunk that will be a perfect coffee table in a house I might someday find) and then dinner on a twinkling covered patio with my in-laws at the melting pot. It truly was a wonderful day from beginning to end.

Sunday was my mani + coffee date with mary. We spent the entire morning catching up on each other lives . Mary might be the sweetest and most optimistic person I know which makes for a great soundboard and breath-of-fresh-air when your head is full of spastic thoughts. I didn't want to leave... just have our time linger into an afternoon of cocktails but I had made plans with my parents to watch the broncos game (ugh, we lost!) and eat dinner together. The night ended with big bowls of my parents' homemade chicken noodle soup and the rain falling. 


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