October 1st

October 1, 2014
live in a world where there are octobers

Here's to a month of pumpkin festivals, spiced lattes, crockpot meals, toasty fires, hay bails, scary movies, boots + sweaters, pumpkin carving, football sundays, apple cider, trick-o-treating, layered clothing, leaves crunching under your feet, stews + soups, haunted houses, sleeping with the windows cracked and orange in every direction.

hello october, I have been waiting for you! 


  1. Reading this post makes me want to curl up with a hot toddy watching football and eating your homemade applesauce! I'll settle for a great brunch with better friends just around the corner. LYLAS!

    1. I forgot about applesauce... I need to make a big batch of that soon! Looking forward to Sunday too friend, I miss you!


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