Weekend Update

October 6, 2014
Happy monday lovely readers. I am in such a wonderful mood this morning and I am 100% accrediting it to my weekend. Rocco, friends, family and sunshine... a perfect combination in my world.

The weekend started out on a slight damper because I decided to get rocco's teeth cleaned and in the process the vet found out he had a rotted molar and it needed to be pulled. I had no idea but this infected and rotting tooth was leaving him in pain and I had no idea. My poor baby! Rocco is doing fine now but I spent a lot of my weekend snuggling with him as he recovered.

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend because my bestie beth was in town. We had breakfast with sara and ashley at jelly and it was honestly one of the best mornings I have had this year. I met these 3 amazing women at work over 7 years ago and they have remained my closest friends still to this day. They are my lifelines and the couple of hours we spent together over a table filled with food + drinks was invaluable to my soul. 

The festivities continued at the tailgate party I host (for work) before the broncos beat the cardinals. The sun was out, beth and her boyfriend hunter were in attendance, as well as ryan and his grandpa who went to the game together. I watched the game at my parents' house after the tailgate ended and we stuffed ourselves with delicious burritos made by my dad. Oh and homeland season 4 started last night... icing on the perfect weekend cake! 


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