Fine Dining // A 7-Year Old's Perspective

November 5, 2014
Last month the new york times magazine hosted 6 second graders from brooklyn to a seven-course tasting menu at one of the country's top fine-dining establishments. Daniel, the acclaimed french restaurant from daniel boulud treated the diners to a $220 per person meal that featured courses like smoked paprika cured hamachi, squash pasta with pork belly and even crispy japanese snapper. The meal was shot by jeffery blitz, a oscar-nominated documentary film director and it truly is one of the best videos I have watched in some time.

I loved seeing the wait-staff's pristine service and how they treated the kids like any adult diner who would come through the daniel doors for dinner. Even better was watching the kids' eyes light up upon the arrival of each dish and then hearing their remarks as they discovered each ingredient on the plate. While some elements of each dish were even a bit outside of my scope, the kids tried nearly everything and found the 'weird' items fun and exciting to eat.

Growing up my parents really pushed my sister and I to try foods outside of 'chicken fingers and mac-n-cheese' and I truly believe this helped expand my palette and was the foundation for my food discovery. I would like to think I would have been similar to the kids in this video, excited to try new things, starry-eyed at the showmanship of it all and having fun with food, even if I was not entirely sure what it all was.

Check out the full article here.


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