A Housing Update

November 4, 2014
Wow... time really flies! It has been three months since ryan and I sold our house. I have a hard time even rationalizing how long that time really is but here is an update on where things stand now...

Upon our closing, we packed up our belongings and moved everything we own into my parents garage and ryan + I have been living with my in-laws ever since. It can sometimes be emotional to have your life and 'stuff' displaced but truly, the last few months have been quite a blessing and we have grown to appreciate our quality time with ryan's mom + step dad even more. As adults you primarily visit your parents and have family get togethers throughout the year. Yet, rarely do you spend days upon weeks living together, molding your routines with theirs and vice versa. Drinking coffee while reading the morning paper and cooking dinner as a family while talking about your work day will undoubtedly be what I will remember most when our housing situation changes, not the long drives to work or the rarity when we were all trying to do laundry at once. 

I have been grateful for both our family's selflessness and support while we have been looking for a new house. And while most grown adults cringe at the idea of 'moving back in with your parents', we have had quite the opposite experience. However, after 3 months of searching, we have finally found our new home!

Yes you read that correctly, we finally found a house in the neighborhood that we love so so very much and... it meets nearly every wish-list item we were looking for in a home. I cannot wait to share more as we get closer to our move in date but we are past the major hurtles in going 'under contract' so I feel comfortable sharing this much so far. 


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  1. So very excited for you two + Rocco! I can't wait to make hundreds of memories in your new home. Only question is: Where will Ash and Ryan smoke their cigars?! LYLAS!


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