November 27, 2014
feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

Happy thanksgiving lovely readers. I hope your day is spent with family and friends, eating delicious food that was made with love and making memories that will last for years to come. To wrap up this years' installment of what I am thankful for, keep on reading...

freedom. I am blessed to live in a country where I can act, speak and think without restraint, to live without fear and to have a legal system in place that protects its people.

my family. From parents to cousins, in-laws to grandparents. I am blessed to have the family I was born into and the addition of ryan's large family. I am so grateful to have a big family to love.

girlfriends. I say this one every year but I cannot help but gush about the amazing women in my life. Some of my best memories are with my amazing girls by my side and I hold those moments so close to my heart. 

confidence. Believing in yourself is half the battle in nearly every situation you might encounter. It took me a long time to believe in my abilities, accept myself for who I am and be proud to be silly-ol'-me but I am glad I did. Yes I have my days where self-doubt creeps in but I know who I am and I like myself. 

holidays. They bring people together, lend themselves to self-reflection, are a celebration and something we look forward to all year. Holidays are where so many of my most important memories lie and bring so much happiness into my life. 


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