November 26, 2014
feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

tom colicchio's herb butter turkey. I have mentioned this recipe many times but I cannot stop. Simply put, this is the best turkey and gravy I have EVER tasted. I literally could drink a glass of the gravy, it is that good and for that, I am thankful.

quality customer service. We all have experienced horrible customer service and those unfortunate moments can leave quite an impression. However, we rarely take time to acknowledge amazing customer service that leaves us walking away from a transaction/phone call/register with a smile on you face. 

my hometown. I am blessed to live in denver; this city has amazing views, an urban-metropolis that is manageable in size, it is clean, the people are (for the most part) friendly, you are an hour from the mountains, there are amazing restaurants and a pretty decent music-scene. I love that I can call denver my hometown. 

knowing how to cook. I love that my parents taught me about food, not only sustain myself but to provide for others. I love connecting with people through food and feeling confident enough in my skills that I can put something on the table that is edible. 

my sister. The one person who probably knows me better than myself. She is selfless almost to a fault, strong-willed, beautiful and reliable. I hope she knows how much she means to me.


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