Weekend Update

November 3, 2014
October is officially over. Halloween has come and went. The festivities of fall are drawing to a close as colder temperatures start settling in. Oh but what a glorious month it was! October finished on a high note; halloween festivities, some very good news for ryan + I (more on that this week!) and quality time with our family.

I stayed in my gretchen wieners costume for phil + sara's halloween party on friday. Ryan went as a pirate and the night was spent playing card games and having tons of fun with our friends. Saturday we went to lunch at cherry creek grill with my parents and it was just perfect; wonderful food, great company and endless conversation. The friendship I have developed with my parents as an adult is something I value so much and it makes the time we spend together that much more meaningful to me.

Sunday we  met up with ryan's brother luke at view house for sunday football. Unfortunately we watched the broncos lose to the patriots which was not the outcome we were hoping for. Nonetheless, we had a blast eating bar food, drinking beers and hanging out together. 


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