Weekend Update

December 22, 2014
Happy monday before christmas. If you were anything like me, your weekend was a bit busy... picking up last minute gifts, toasting at holiday parties and enjoying time with family + friends.

Friday night was ryan's holiday party for work which was maybe a bit too libatious because our saturday ended up being pretty low-key. I loved that I got to get all dressed up for an evening out but if I am completely honest, a night in making dinner at home in my pj's was a bit more my speed.

Sunday we celebrated both my sister-in-law peyton's birthday and my niece makenzie's birthday. We had a big family dinner, tasty apple pie for dessert and just spent time celebrating together. It got me really excited for christmas and also a bit panicked because I am still not 100% done with my christmas shopping.

My hope this week is to squeeze in some holiday fun before christmas eve... ryan and I always love driving around to see the pretty houses lit up or going to a holiday play and we have yet to check either of those off our list this year. 


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