Christmas Recap

January 5, 2015
Another christmas has come and past but the amazing memories are still dancing around in my brain... along with a few christmas songs that I wish I could quit singing in my head. This year's holiday brought snow, family from out of town, endless fun, seriously delicious food and some heartfelt gifts that were nearly as fun to open as they were to give. 

Christmas eve was spent at my inlaws' for their annual party with family + friends. The fire was blazing, I ate way too many helpings of tamales and green chile, the drinks were flowing and the evening was just down-right fun. The night ended as my sis-in-law peyton, her boyfriend connor, ryan, liz and I did dishes and acted silly in the kitchen. It was the perfect calm after the storm to get ready for christmas morning.

Ryan's family all came together to open gifts in the morning and having 2 of our nieces and our nephew there made ripping into the gifts so much fun. Watching a kid tear through wrapping paper with such anticipation and excitement might be one of the best things to witness; pure joy. It truly makes my heart full to see so many happy faces surrounding you as we celebrate the holiday together.

Christmas afternoon and evening was spent with my parents at their house. My dad went all out and cooked a chef-worthy meal that smelled and tasted like heaven. My mom's thoughtfulness in all her gift wrapping and making the night just so warm meant so much to me too. We told stories, watched football, drank wine, played with the pups and just enjoyed our time together. I think the only thing that would have made the night better would have been my sister attending. Maybe next year.

I hope you all had a great holiday. I am slowing working my way back into a blogging schedule after some much needed time off so bare with me as I get things back up and running over here.


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