Rocco In The Snow

January 6, 2015
Denver got a serious cold front that moved in after christmas and lingered for nearly a week. The temps were in the mid-teens for days but at least it snowed which somehow made the freeze feel a bit more appropriate. 

I have mentioned before that rocco is obsessed with squirrels but this obsession was taken to a new level last week. Apparently 12-degree weather does not stop a 3lb dog when a pesky squirrel taunts him in the back yard from up in a tree. I was able to grab my camera and capture some of his fun before he got too cold. Rocco literally stopped in his tracks after about 10 minutes outside and ryan had to go out and get him. My poor little boy and his love for squirrel chasing.




  1. Awesome pictures!! Maybe Miles and Rocco can team up to catch some squirrels :)

    1. Miles and Rocco for sure need to meet. I hope he doesn't confuse Rocco for a squirrel though, they are about the same size!

      - Jaime

  2. Replies
    1. He loves you too friend. Pup Cup!!!

      - Jaime


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