Weekend Update

January 19, 2015
If you saw my post on friday, I said I was going to try to stay home as much as possible this weekend. I can proudly say this was an accurate statement... I left the house minimally and that made me really happy. Now, I by no means had an uneventful weekend; somehow I found a way to fill up the days with things to do.

Ryan and I had a much-needed relaxing night at home on friday. We watched boyhood and played with rocco a lot. Saturday we got our new dining room table delivered... finally! It is honestly my new favorite piece of furniture and it sets the perfect tone for the dining room and conjoining living room. We decided to get out of the house saturday night to see american sniper which was amazing and then had burgers + fries at cherry cricket

Sunday was our laziest day of all; I made us my version of sausage egg mcmuffins, ryan did a little work and my parents came by for football and deep dish pizza in the afternoon. I ended up taking a nap after my parents headed home and then spent the rest of the evening watching dvr and playing with rocco.

Like I said, a lazy-ish weekend at home. 

I am in the middle of my attempting to make homemade pretzels right now and the dough is ready to be rolled out and twisted up so I gotta go. See you back here this week!


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