Eat This // Pork Belly Buns

February 19, 2015
The pork belly buns at cholon modern asian bistro should be an order requirement upon every meal (diners must also order the soup dumplings but that is another subject all together). The simple concept of an asian sandwich is taken to a refined level through strong ingredients and bright flavors.

Pillowy steamed buns that are flaky and soft will arrive at your table still smoldering in their bamboo steamer. These soft buns will be the vehicle for the make-your-own sliders/sandwiches which diners can load up with tender seared pork belly. Cholon does a incredible job of seasoning the pork; its lathered in a lightly-spiced but sweet sesame-honey glaze that sears up just slightly when it hits the flattop in the kitchen. Add in a tangle of the pickled veggies and a dollop of the house-made sriracha-hoisin sauce and you are in for a treat. There is great depth of flavor in the sauce, crunch from the veggies, a hint of spice and then all the savory tenderness of the pork belly. When this dish arrives at your table, its presentation is almost too beautiful to eat but you will quickly change your mind once the delicious smells take over your table.

(my mouth-watering pork belly buns)


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