Academy Awards // Must See Films

February 18, 2015
February 22nd, as in this sunday, is the mecca of awards shows... the academy awards, also know as the oscars. This year will be the 87th annual oscars which will award top directors, actors, sound mixers, special effect artists and more for their outstanding work. Oh and my favorite category, the best films of the year.

As I do every year, I try to see as many nominated films as I can before the big show. I have seen quite a few... and let me tell you there is some incredible films that will blow you away... but I still have a few I really want to see before the big show on sunday. Below are the nominations for best picture, along with a * on the films I have already seen. (oh each film below has a hyperlink to its trailer)

Other nominated films I have seen this year include foxcatcher, night crawlergone girl, wild, the judge and interstellar.

What films have you seen? Are you getting excited for the oscars like I am?


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