Weekend Update

February 2, 2015
I don't know why my weekend updates always include an obscene amount of food shots but what can I say, I am 'that girl' who loves to take pictures of beautiful and delicious food. #sorrynotsorry

So, speaking of food this weekend... I ate a lot. Pastries + coffee at steam on friday, brunch at linger on saturday for my dad's birthday, homemade pancakes + bacon for breakfast on sunday followed by my favorite, my dad's chile rellenos while watching the superbowl. My belly was happy which in turn, made me very happy too.

Ryan and I stayed home on saturday evening which was actually quite nice. We made a trip to ikea earlier in the day and came home with 6 boxes... which eventually turned into a new faux-denza media console for our living room. Major props to ryan; I don't have any research to support this claim but I would say my husband is part of a small percentage of men who have the patience to put together furniture from ikea with such patience and excitement. 

Then there was the superbowl. I can easily say I cared 0% who won but instead put my focus towards the real entertainment of the evening, the commercials and halftime show. My heart-strings were pulled this year by budweiser, always, the domestic violence psa and dove. I laughed over esurance and doritos. However, the highlight of the entire evening was missy elliott's surprise performance in the halftime show. #amazing

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  1. What a wonderful weekend, especially the time we spent with you (and Ryan, too)!!


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