10 Questions to Ask Yourself in 2015

March 12, 2015
A new year is all about reflection. I also find myself doing this at the end of a season or quarter. Spring is nearly here which has me excited for all things new + fresh, but also a bit nostalgic to the past. I found an article from amy c. about the 10 questions you need to ask yourself in 2015 which hit home for me as I was reflecting on the year so far. I love her thought process on evaluating our lifestyles and searching for fulfillment. 


1. What type of human do you want to be? What values define you? How do you make people feel? The only thing people will ever remember about you - how you made them feel.

2. Will you keep your hear and mind open? Life is tough and it can be challenging to not let the hardships wear you down. The more walls you build around your vulnerability and authenticity, the further away you distance yourself from joy.

3. Is the decision you are about to make going to feed your ego or enrich your soul? Our egos have an insatiable appetite and can deplete our light; often times leaving us left feeling empty, unfulfilled or insecure.

4. Will you accept mediocrity or strive for greatness? Would you rather fall a thousand times in an attempt to achieve greatness than to walk unscathed on the road of mediocrity? Nothing great in life has been the result of minimal effort and mediocre company.

5. Will you take a risk? Indecisiveness is an apathetic habit of our culture. We live in a world of infinite options and consequently a prevailing anxiety of 'fear of missing out'. But there is a maturity and courage that comes from making a commitment. Commitments takes discipline and require integrity. 

6. Will you avoid pain, and at what cost? Life is too short and too full of potential to waste days on average experiences and meaningless interactions. Connect. Give. Go ahead, get your hopes up. If you dull your ability to feel the bad, you dull your ability to feel the good.

7. Will you allow anxiety to rule you? Would you rather live life through a lens that sees the world as one that is beautiful and kind, instead of being in a state of constant defense, layered with armor to product from what may, or may not happen. Give yourself the permission to enjoy the present.

8. Is your story serving you? We are a sum of the stories we chose to believe and if that story is negative, rooted in insecurity and a place of lack, then that is what we will take out of every experience and person we encounter. What narrative is running your life? Is the story you believe in serving you? When you change the narrative, you change the outcome.

9. Will you be a force of beauty? Be beautiful. Be a person who acts with grace and integrity even when your emotions are challenged. Put your heart fully in how you do life - your relationships, your work, your hobbies.

10. Love or fear? When in doubt, choose love. Love wins. Love always wins. 

check out the full article here.


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