The Best Rainy Day

March 25, 2015
Today is a good day. My bestest of best friend is coming into town for a couple nights and I could not be more excited. Beth and I are sure to spend the next 48 hours with an endless bout of talking, laughing, snorting, crying, silliness and embarrassing happiness that I will never want to end. 

(beth and I back in october 2009 celebrating my 26th birthday)

I think the weather did not get the memo on what a happy occasion today is though... because I woke up to rain and snowy-sleet falling from the cloudy sky. This weather makes me wish I was at home making cookies and a big pot of chili to then enjoy with beth once she arrives to my house. Of course we would both be in our comfiest of pj's, light every candle I own and watch trash tv all afternoon in complete contentment. Oh a girl can wish... I am actually at work and painstakingly counting down the minutes until I can rush home to see one of my lifelines.

Happy day to all of you... I hope each of you has something so exciting and amazing to look forward to today that it makes even the dreariest of skies seem sunny and bright. 

(another one from our crazy fun night so many years ago)

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