This Weekend You Could...

March 27, 2015

get out of the city for a weekend of culture and film watching; the 12th annual vail film festival is taking place all weekend with world-debuting films, documentaries, shorts and featured films.

leave your headphones at home if you plan on participating in the beat beethoven 5k. beethoven’s 5th symphony will be playing for 33 minutes and if you finish the race before the song ends, you will bee essentially ‘beating’ beethoven.

feeling like a slueth? book a reservation at saturday night's dinner detective for a no-nonsense murder mystery. this event promises to be legit, without campy dialogues or cheesy costumes.

get ready to laugh until you cry. the make me laugh stand up comedy contest will be in town all weekend bringing dozens of comedians who think they have the chops to win.


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