Drink This // Guava Agua Fresca

April 29, 2015
A refreshing glass of sparkling water blended with the sweet and bright flavors of guava juice is a flavor combination that you do not want to miss. Tamayo, a modern mexican restaurant in lower-downtown, serves up nearly a half a dozen agua fresca options daily but the guava version is by-far my favorite. The sweet guava juice tastes like a combination of pear and strawberry and guava has a beautiful pinkish-coral color when blended and pressed. 
Agua frescas are traditional spanish 'coolers' that are served across mexico, central america and the caribbean. These non-alcoholic beverages are widely available through street vendors, bodegas and in restaurants. With spring temps on the rise, agua frescas are a great mid-day drink to enjoy with a side of guacamole, a spicy tamal or even on their own, while sitting in an alfresco patio.



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