Weekend Update

April 7, 2015
This past weekend really did feel like spring had sprung. Not only did the weekend include family easter celebrations (which always have a nice seasonal tone) but I also somehow found a way fill in nearly every hour of the day with some sort of productive activity. Needless to say, it is tuesday and I am completely run down of all energy. I guess that is what you get when you push yourself just a bit too much.

I cannot say I regret my busy weekend activities though because they made my heart full and put a smile on my face. We spent sunday morning dropping off easter flowers to a few of our family members, got our backyard dusted off and put together for enjoyment, saw nearly every member of ryan + I's immediate family and also finally organized our garage (we have been in our new home for over 4 months now!). Oh, and we also got to sneak in some time with our favorite neighbors for some sunshine and playing around.

But back to our easter fun... my parents came over for a super filling easter brunch on saturday morning. It had all my favorite things... my family (well, most of them), honey-baked ham, my mom's homemade cinnamon rolls and cooking with my dad in the kitchen. The morning was nearly perfect and I loved every minute of it. Sunday we got together with my inlaws for more easter fun. My nieces had an easter egg hunt, we soaked in the sun on their back patio and I ate my way through 2 huge ham + croissant sandwiches. 

I hope you all had a wonderful easter that you are reliving in your head like me now. 

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  1. Poor Ryan mowing the lawn...something I am not looking forward to!


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