Spring Dinner with Door to Door Organics

May 13, 2015
I am so happy to announce that my partnership with door to door organics is continuing so I can bring you seasonally-fresh ideas for entertaining, cooking at home and eating healthy. Seriously, if you have not checked out door to door organics, you need to... stat; they are a kick-ass company delivering fresh and organic produce to your doorstep, along with a huge selection of grocery products ranging from humanely raised meats, farm-fresh milk, gourmet cheeses and sustainable fished seafood. 

Before the cooler weather rolled into denver last week, ryan and I pulled the cover off of our grill to sear off some tenderloin steaks for a low-key weeknight meal for two. My latest door to door organics delivery included a bag of crisp green beans, a small sweet yellow onion, a lemon and some sprigs of fresh dill. I decided to take these ingredients, along with a couple items I already had on hand, and create an easy dinner to enjoy while watching survivor on the couch.

(cutting up my delicious green beans)

I cut my green beans into smaller pieces and blanched them in a pot of salted boiling water for a couple of minutes. Afterward, I submerged my green beans in an ice bath to not only stop the cooking process but to also maintain their bright green color. To add a little extra flavor to my veggies, I crisped up some bacon lardons (a fancy word for 'pieces') while also sautéing some diced onions. At this point ryan put our steaks on the grill and seared them up to a perfect medium-rare. I quickly tossed some noodles into a pot of boiling water to combine with my dill sprigs, a squeeze of lemon and a bit of red pepper flakes for a simple side dish. Right before we ate, I combined my bacon, onion and green beans on the stove to bring everything together.

(searing our tenderloins on the grill while also mixing up a simple but flavorful green bean salad)

This was not a complex meal by any means and from beginning to end, it took us about 30 minutes. On a weeknight, I am all about simple dishes that pack a lot of flavor but not a lot of time.  I used the same 2 pans to make my green beans and pasta dishes which cut back on the clean up big time too. 

(dinner is served; grilled steaks with a green bean, bacon and sauteed onion salad with a light dill and lemon pasta)

Door to door organics is great for meal planning and is the perfect vehicle to help you come up with fresh dishes based upon your weekly deliveries. I hope our simple weeknight dinner for two gets you inspired to cook at home and bring fresh and seasonally-inspired meals to your family. #joydelivered

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the door to door organics, however, all opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who allow me to continue creating new content for South on Broadway! 


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