We're Having A...

May 14, 2015
(a couple of the sweet baby gifts we have already received and also our ultra sound photos from 20 weeks)

Ryan and I are not huge on baby announcements (while cute, they all seem a bit over the top for our personal style) but we wanted to share some more exciting news...

Our little bebe is in fact a growing boy. We could not be more thrilled and honestly, it just makes this whole experience feel that much more real. It's all smiles over here and we are enjoying celebrating each milestone as they come our way. 

(our boy's little feet, which are crossed at the ankle  /  the 'charlie brown' side profile picture of our boy at 20 weeks, his arm is the white vertical blob going across his mouth)


  1. Soooo exciting :) Cannot wait to meet him! <3

  2. Little baby boy!!!! I love him SO much already.


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