Weekend Update

May 11, 2015
Just when the beautiful spring weather felt like it was sticking around... denver gets hit with a crazy snow storm that my household is still feeling the effects from. It had been raining for a week in denver but the temps dropped and saturday night turned into a full blown mess. Ryan and I woke up to multiple 30-foot trees snapped and broken in our yard. We had the city come out and remove the branches which were lying on our power lines but now the damage is all over our yard to clean up. #funtimes.

Luckily the entire weekend was not as sad as the weather; friday evening we met up with ryan's cousin brett and his fiance kara for drinks at fermaentra and snacks from the colorado pig rig food truck. It was such a blast catching up and trying out some new-to-us places together.

Saturday was all about mother's day and I could not have been happier to celebrate the women in my life who have set such great examples as mothers. I made a trip with my family to visit my grandma and aunt, followed by a get together with ryan's family. We had a tasty bbq spread followed by card games and tons of laughing + story telling. 

We took it easy on sunday just ryan and I. We made breakfast at home, got in a workout at the gym, ran a couple errands and had a nice lunch at cherry creek grill. In all, the experiences outweighed the weather, making this mother's day another great success. 

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  1. Next year you'll get to celebrate Mother's Day in a completely different way!


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