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May 10, 2015
Happy mother's day! Today is a celebration of the women in this world who so selflessly put their children's needs above their own, nurture and protect at any cost and of course, fill our lives with endless love. 

I am grateful for the relationship I share with my mom; she has put up with my emotions, overreacting, strong opinions and at times, bratty personality for 31 years and her love for me has not wavered once. I am proud of the relationship we have built and the friendship we now share. I am also extremely proud of the countless women in my life who have paved quite the respected road in the world of motherhood.

(my family celebrating mother's day a week early at russel's smokehouse)

Next year at this time I will be a mom and get to join this amazing group of women who have the daunting task of raising our youth. It is overwhelming to me, knowing that the decisions, lessons, values, direction, support and self-worth I instill in my child will be what shapes and molds them into adulthood. If I am being 100% honest, this is what I fear the most in becoming a mother (well that and childbirth!). However, I am blessed to have so many encouraging and amazing influences to help guide me down this path.

Today truly is a celebration and I am smiling thinking about all the beautiful mother's I know. To read my previous mother's day posts, click here, here and here.

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  1. First, I have to say, I am the lucky one. Second, I have no doubt you will be an amazing mother and embrace every moment of this most treasured task.


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