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June 24, 2015
From the day we bought our house back in november 2014, we were itching for the warm weather to roll in. Why you ask? Well that would be to start working on yet another, back yard project. If you are new to the blog, ryan and I completely renovated and landscaped the backyard of our last home (see here) a couple years ago which was a major 180 when all the dust settled. We are back at it for our new home and have some big plans for our yard.

My goals are not out of control or unattainable... especially with how much my husband loves to get his hands' dirty and does the majority of the work on his own. In my idyllic backyard, I would like to have...

- both an entertaining and dining area
- a shaded patio 
- lighting that will bring ambiance as the sun goes down
- privacy from our neighbors
- lots of lush greenery and some hints of color
- a modern and streamlined feel

We have already planted 10 new shrubs/trees in the yard to break up the hard lines and I also purchased this new outdoor rug which looks lovely with the patio furniture we already own. I think the biggest impact for the space will be the pergola we are getting installed to increase the shade over the patio. The design we want is a bit more modern and minimalistic which I think will really give the yard a focal point. I am then hoping to add some mood lighting, a few potted plants to break up all the raw materials and then possibly a small dining area for al fresco meals. 

I cannot wait to share the progress. In the meantime, here is the inspiration board I am working off of for my backyard renovations.


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