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June 18, 2015
It feels like summer is only moments away and there is no better time for us ladies, to up our beauty game before the hot temps leave us looking like pools of melted makeup and frizzy hair. Oh wait, is that just me? I have been loving the results of my latest beauty buys and would recommend them to you as well. 

A summer tan is complimented perfectly by opi's funny bunny nail lacquer. The color is a milky white that is not too harsh or shimmery. I am pretty obsessed with this color and rock it on both my fingers and toes.

Aveda's sun care hair + body cleanser is in weekly rotation in my shower. This color-safe formula removes chlorine, salt and product buildup while also maintaining your hair's moisture. It doesn't hurt that it smells like citrus either. I love that I can use this product once a week to get all the product off my scalp or to clean my hair after a dip in the pool.

My pregnancy belly is growing by the day but I have yet to see a single stretch mark. It could be genetics or that I slather myself in plamers cocoa butter every morning and evening. Knock on wood that whatever is working in my favor, keeps up for the next 3 months.

I fill in my brows on the daily but was noticing that their shape would not stay all day. Not any more, anastasia brow gel is a clear gel that sets, defines and hold brows in place all day. There is chamomile in the formula that also conditions my browns while leaving me with a natural look. 

There are dozens of self tanners on the market but l'oreal's sublime bronze towelettes are my personal fav. The easy-to-use towels have vitamin e and alpha hydroxy acid to smooth and soften skin and they swipe right on, nearly error-proof. After a few hours, you will have a natural glow, streak free.

I have been using seche vite dry fast top coat for a couple of years but had to include because it is that good. This top coat is the best thing ever. My nails look like I had a shellac mani but without the cost due to the lacquer's ability to penetrate to the nail bed, creating a bond that will keep away chips and peeling for days.

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