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June 11, 2015
Yesterday I shared some snaps of our main living spaces and the lighting updates we have made since moving in last november. We are loving the way our living and dining rooms now feel with our canned lighting and upgraded pendants. Additionally, the task lighting that we changed out in our kitchen is not only much more appealing to look at but the light they provide is ten-fold from the original. 

Sadly, one area we still have not tackled is the lighting in either of our bathrooms. However, I would really like to improve them because they feel very builder-grade and generic. In my ideal world, where money, dimensions and electrical costs were not a factor, I would install scones to flank each of the bathroom mirrors but sadly that is not an option. The layout in both bathrooms cannot accommodate anything more than overhead or pendant lighting as both vanities are jammed against the walls. Ugh. Not my fav but not the end of the world.

I have been rounding up some lighting options in an inspiration board that would work above both the mirrors. Currently the bathroom fixtures are all brushed nickel but I love the brass trend that is everywhere on blogs and pinterest. When we decide to pull the trigger on lighting, my guess is it will be one of the following options.

(left to right: 1 lamps plus  /  2 schoolhouse electric  /  3  shades of light  /  4 cedar and moss /  5  all modern  /  6 all modern  /  7 lamps plus  /  8 lamps plus  /  9 schoolhouse electric  /  10 shades of light  /  ll crate and barrel  /  12 lamps plus  /  13 shades of light  /  14 shades of light  /  15 ikea)

Which ones do you like? I would love your opinions on what lighting strikes your fancy!


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