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July 14, 2015

This past saturday was ryan and I's 14 year dating anniversary. We did not have an elaborate celebration but I spent a lot of time over the weekend thinking about our relationship and all that has come our way since we started dating at the young age of 17. 

When we first got together, we were young and in lust, not even sure what we were getting ourselves into. He was funny and kind, we could talk for hours without getting bored and he made me feel like the best version of myself when we were together. As we entered college, we both were finding ourselves and figuring out what we wanted in life. Luckily, as we developed into adults we grew in the same direction with our values, goals and love, tightening our bond even stronger than before. Our love was honest and true and I just knew with every bit of my being, that he was the one.

Ryan has always been the ultra respectful, driven, kind and energetic guy who lights up every room he walks into. He has a desire to push himself towards success and has remained authentically himself along the way. I think these traits were what made me fall for him so long ago and have been the constants in our relationship over the past 14 years. I can honestly say I am a better person because of my husband. He has brought out the best in me and has never stopped encouraging me to pursue more, dream bigger and push myself past boundaries that I never thought were possible. This quote felt very fitting as I reminisced about our relationship and the past 14 years. 


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