Photo A Day Challenge - It's A Wrap

January 31, 2012
Hooray!  The Photo A Day Challenge 2012 is over and while it was a great idea, it came with a lot of responsibility that I was not quite prepared for.  I will admit that I only missed 1 day but I did in fact post 3 photos a day after I was supposed to.  Please enjoy the last 11 days of this challenge and may I (sadly) never take this on again.

(Day 21: My reflection)

(Day 22:  My shoes... well my very dirty fuggs)

(Day 23: Something old.  This angel/fairy I have had for years and it sits at my desk watching over me)

(Day 24: My guilty pleasure after going home to let Rocco out at lunch; a coffee and vanilla bean scone)

(Day 25: Something I made)

(Day 26: Color... all the green veggies in my Udon Noodle Bowl from Whole Foods)

(Day 27: Lunch of champions (or cheapness) in my favorite oatmeal)

(Day 28: Light from my dining room window)

(Day 29: my fridge that was just stocked from a trip to the grocery store)

(Day 30: Nature just outside my house)

(Day 31: Me, happy to be done with this photo project)

Finally, I would like to wish my dad a very happy birthday today!  You are an amazing father, friend, husband, chef, hero and man that I am so fortunate to have in my life.  I love you! 

make a wish...


  1. Happy birthday!! I loved following your photo challenge - it was great to see your pictures!

  2. Thanks for all your support. You are a great sister who continues to push me to be my best!


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