Let There Be Light

February 3, 2012
Over 11 weeks ago Ryan and I bought a new light for our living room and we have been waiting very impatiently for it to come in.  To be more clear, I have called the lighting store at least once a week for weeks waiting/calling/asking/demanding and maybe even having one small freak out (no judging!) for this fixture!!!

(before - dreadful!)

(after - beautiful!)

(Work in progress, final look at living room, Brett holding up the light during install)

So, when we got the call that our light was finally in store, we rushed over and brought it home to put it up.  Luckily Ryan's cousin, Brett, was already coming over and his help was instrumental in our installation.  After 2 /12 hours, a BBQ dinner break from Moe's Original BBQ and a few beers, the light was up and I cannot believe what a difference it makes!

The before and after is so incredible and to say I love it is a total under statement!  We are still waiting to find the perfect light to hang in our adjacent dining room (it might be this one if we find something that would work better in the living room) but I am just so happy this sucker is up.  The light puts off a warm cozy glow, adds a bit of contemporary style into the room and looks chic all at the same time.  Money well spent.


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